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Compare healthcare providers in Turkey. Choose the best option for you.
Share your medical files with multiple doctors at once, receive medical opinions and treatment plan offerings. Compare what the experts say about your condition. Make sure you make the right decision with your health.
Your Guide to Seamless Healthcare Solutions
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Why Stateskop?

Make the best decision about your health;
be well informed about your condition

Consult Multiple Doctors At Once
Inspect doctors and hospitals. Form a list of doctors to consult your case. Share your medical files with all of them at one go.
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Compare what doctors say about your case
Compare what doctors say about your case. Review their comments and see their suggestions.
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Connect only with the providers you'd like
Only contact the accredited or academic health organisations you wish to be contacted by.
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Trusted by Patients and Hospitals Alike
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Stateskop FAQ
Experience the most ethical, effective and affordable way to health. is an initiative that aims to meet your medical information and referral needs in the most efficient and economical way. Thanks to Stateskop, you can experience the quality of service provided by physicians and hospitals with minimum cost and effort, and choose your health center more confidently.
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Founder's Note
About Stateskop
Health is a sensitive and deep subject. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to understand and make the right decisions. In such cases, we believe it is critical for patients to hear from multiple experts to make the best and most appropriate decision for their treatment. aims to help individuals make informed decisions about their health and strives to improve the system for all stakeholders in health. We are focusing on the Turkish healthcare sector for now, with the ultimate goal of connecting healthcare globally to increase the chances of patients finding the best treatment for their needs. If you have any comments or suggestions about, please feel free to reach us at, on our social media accounts or on our WhatsApp line in the bottom right corner. We wish you a healthy day.

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Why Stateskop?
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